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The installation and cleaning personnel first remove the upper and lower sections of the pipeline, which is known as the airborne method. This method is mainly used to clean vertical flues above 50 centimeters square. Fix a high-altitude safety rope above the flue, fasten a safety belt, and install cleaning personnel to clean the oil stains inside the vertical flue from top to bottom. This method is highly dangerous, technical, and highly effective in cleaning. Because the vertical flue generally has less oil accumulation, it can be cleaned once a year.
This method has a high labor intensity, which is the manual entry method. For parallel flue ducts larger than 40 centimeters square, manual drilling can be carried out for cleaning. Attention needs to be paid to strengthening ventilation and equipping it with low-voltage (36V) lighting power supply.
When manual entry is not possible, this method, also known as disassembly method, is used when the flue is less than 40 centimeters square. According to the actual situation on site, the installation and cleaning personnel dismantle a section of flue at regular intervals and extend it to both sides for cleaning. This method is effective, difficult, and expensive.
The installation and cleaning personnel use a dedicated spark free drilling tool to drill one or more holes in the pipeline, which is called the drilling method. This method is used for flues that cannot be accessed manually and are difficult to disassemble. The size and number of intervals for opening holes depend on the on-site situation. After cleaning the oil stains, the pipeline seal should be restored.
The flue with a short cleaning cycle is cleaned using this method, namely machine equipment cleaning method, which has less oil pollution. First, spray cleaning agent inside the pipeline to soften the oil stain, and then use a 30 meter long electric flexible shaft brush to clean the oil stain. This method is used for vertical flues measuring 30 centimeters square, hidden small flues that cannot be manually accessed and cannot be dismantled. This type is not easy to clean and easily accumulates oil, which needs to shorten the cleaning cycle.
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