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The auxiliary flue must be preserved
Each family's kitchen has a flue, and the flue has a main and secondary distinction. The main flue connects the entire building, while the secondary flue is relatively independent. Usually, the cooking fumes in the home will first enter the secondary flue, and then enter the main flue through the holes in the partition, ensuring that the cooking fumes in each household are separated. If the secondary flue is directly connected to the main flue, it will cause phenomena such as inverted smoke and string smoke due to low pressure.
Pay attention to construction details
首先,决定油烟机安置的位置尤为重要。管道短较好。部分用户会为了美观, 将管道拉得更长,如此一来,关闭油烟机后,管道中还会集聚许多油烟排不出去,再倒回室内。此外,为了不破坏原主副烟道,其开口方位并非随意更改的,必须打到副烟道当中。
Firstly, it is particularly important to determine the location of the range hood. Short pipelines are better. Some users may pull the pipeline longer for the sake of aesthetics. In this way, after turning off the range hood, many oil fumes will accumulate in the pipeline that cannot be discharged and then return to the indoor environment. In addition, in order not to damage the original main and auxiliary flue, the opening direction is not arbitrarily changed and must be inserted into the middle of the auxiliary flue.
Window smoke exhaust, pay attention to safety
Some users, in order to prevent smoke issues, abandon the original flue and directly open holes in the window for smoke exhaust. This is also possible, but there are several points to note: first, before opening holes in the window or wall, the property management must obtain approval. Secondly, attention should be paid to safety issues. Usually, the tail end of the smoke exhaust pipe is made of metal material. If the hole is too small, the metal heat transfer may cause the glass to crack, and the smoke pipe leads out of the window. Strong winds blowing against it can cause oil smoke to pour back. Try to extend the pipeline and nest it down as much as possible, which can also prevent rainwater from flowing into the pipeline during rain and keep the wind out.
Frequent replacement of check valves
If the auxiliary flue has been removed or if the effect of pouring smoke is to be avoided, then use the flue check valve. Under normal circumstances, the effect of a check valve is not significant, but installing a check valve in the flue can protect the range hood and prevent smoke from flowing back into the pipeline and range hood. However, after installing a check valve, it should be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will leave the check valve in an open state and lose its effectiveness, and it should be replaced every two years or so.
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