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Connect to the kitchen exhaust duct through the ceiling end
The method of connecting the ceiling end to the kitchen smoke exhaust duct is that the distance between the flue outlet and the wall does not need to be considered, which effectively avoids installation problems caused by the distance of the smoke exhaust duct being greater than the depth of the ceiling cabinet. When installing, it is necessary to pay more attention to:
To check the installation conditions of the suspended ceiling at the flue outlet: as the suspended ceiling needs to be moved downwards, it is necessary to consider whether the reserved space and position on the upper part meet the installation conditions;
(2) There may be gaps when embedding smoke exhaust pipes, so it is important to seal them properly to ensure that the pipes do not fall off
The kitchen smoke exhaust duct can be set up using a ceiling cabinet body for entry
This method is a very common method for arranging kitchen exhaust ducts, and requires relatively few ducts. However, there are still some things to pay attention to when using this method:
If the diameter is 2000-2200mm, the distance between the outer edge of the flue opening and the wall should not exceed 250mm, so as to ensure that after the installation of the hanging cabinet, there is enough space for the kitchen smoke exhaust pipeline to be led away in front of the gas meter gas pipeline
Compared to European range hoods, this arrangement is more suitable for Chinese range hoods. Because the upper part of Chinese cigarette smoke machines usually has a hanging cabinet body, while the upper part of European cigarette smoke machines usually does not have a cabinet body, there is usually no space for pipes to be led.
Use the space between the ceiling and the cabinet to connect to the smoke exhaust duct
The installation method of this type of smoke exhaust duct is suitable for the decoration of the kitchen with the ceiling tightly attached to the top of the kitchen. This form mainly uses the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling to horizontally lead the smoke exhaust duct. When setting, the following should be the main points
The position of the smoke exhaust duct outlet in the kitchen must be higher than the top of the ceiling cabinet to ensure sufficient space between the ceiling and the cabinet
The distance between the outside of the flue outlet and the wall surface should not exceed the depth of the ceiling cabinet body, because after the installation of the ceiling cabinet, it is necessary to use a sealing plate to seal the exhaust pipe. If the distance is not enough, it is inconvenient to operate
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