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Pipes - We can see them everywhere in our lives, such as rainwater pipes, sewer pipes, drainage pipes, etc., but these are not the pipes we are going to introduce. The pipes we are going to talk about are a type of spiral air duct. There are many types of spiral air ducts, including white iron air ducts. This type of white iron air duct will not corrode or rust even in humid environments, making it a favorite type of air duct for many people.
The installation of spiral air ducts greatly reduces the joint between pipes and the degree of leakage at pipe joints. Typical spiral air ducts have a length of 3-6 meters, while rectangular air ducts have a length of only 1-1.5 meters; The connection of two spiral air ducts requires only one pipe joint, while traditional rectangular air duct connections typically require a completely independent double flange system.
1、 Product standardization
The production of white iron spiral pipe accessories (pipe fittings and joints) has been highly automated, systematized, and industrialized.
2、 Low installation cost
The installation time of the annular pipeline system is only 1/3 of that of the rectangular pipeline.
3、 Usually requires only small installation space
同样的安装空间,直径为200 mm的圆形管子可以代替250×150 mm的矩形管子,而不会产生任何压降。几个平行的圆管代替扁平的矩形管,而无需额外的安装空间。综合考虑各种因素,在大多数情况下,圆形管子比长方形管子占用更少的空间。对于同样的压力特性,几个圆形管道的安装空间通常与一个矩形管道的安装空间一样或更少。很多长方形管系需要用4个螺栓系统来安装,因此管系每个方向都要增加40~80 mm。
With the same installation space, a circular pipe with a diameter of 200 mm can replace 250 × 150 mm rectangular tube without any pressure drop. Several parallel circular tubes replace flat rectangular tubes without requiring additional installation space. Considering various factors, in most cases, circular tubes occupy less space than rectangular tubes. For the same pressure characteristics, the installation space for several circular pipes is usually the same or less than the installation space for a rectangular pipe. Many rectangular pipe systems require a 4-bolt system for installation, so pipe systems need to be increased by 40 to 80 mm in each direction.