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The production of smoke exhaust pipes in commercial kitchens is also very meticulous, and it needs to be designed based on the number of furnace heads of commercial kitchen equipment. The cross-sectional size of the pipes, the total amount of smoke exhaust in the kitchen, and the installation conditions on site are all factors that determine the size of the kitchen smoke exhaust pipes. It must be based on the kitchen equipment, stove, and survey site conditions, so that kitchen smoke exhaust can have a good effect. Below, let's talk about the precautions to be taken in the production of commercial smoke exhaust pipes in Changsha:
厨房排烟管道的水平段不宜太长,一般水平远距离不应超过15m并且要有2%以上的坡度,水平末端设活接头,以方便清理油垢。排风速度按规范不得低于 10m/s,以防风速过低使油附着于烟道上,接排风罩的支管应设风量调节阀。
The horizontal section of the kitchen exhaust duct should not be too long. Generally, the horizontal distance should not exceed 15m and there should be a slope of more than 2%. A movable joint should be set at the horizontal end to facilitate the cleaning of oil stains. The exhaust speed shall not be less than 10m/s according to regulations to prevent oil from adhering to the flue due to low wind speed. The branch pipe connected to the exhaust hood should be equipped with an air volume regulating valve.
The design and installation of smoke exhaust ducts are unreasonable, often resulting in poor ventilation of kitchen smoke, directly affecting the use of oil fume purifiers. The main reasons for this are as follows:
1、 The ventilation area of the main smoke exhaust duct is insufficient, and the gas flow rate is too high. According to engineering experience, the wind speed inside the smoke exhaust main duct cannot exceed 15m/s. Otherwise, after a certain period of operation (such as one year later), it is easy to cause the smoke exhaust system to be blocked. In the operation practice of oil fume purifiers, most cases are caused by insufficient ventilation area of smoke exhaust ducts, resulting in blockage of the gas flow in the ducts above 15m/s.
2、 Due to the need to pass through the building beam, the ventilation cross-sectional area of the smoke exhaust duct decreases, resulting in increased resistance on the cross-sectional area and obstructed airflow.
3、 When passing through building beams or avoiding other equipment pipelines, a section of the smoke exhaust pipeline will be lower than the overall plane of the smoke exhaust pipeline. After a period of use, the oil-water mixture will accumulate in the lower section of the smoke exhaust duct, directly affecting the smoothness of smoke exhaust.
4、 Kitchen oil fumes from different floors are discharged through the same main pipeline. The kitchens near the exit have better smoke exhaust effect, while the kitchens on lower floors have poor smoke exhaust.
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